BlueShadows, an astro engineering &

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FIDEOS (Fiber Dual Echelle Optical Spectrograph) instrument has made its first observations, known as first light, collecting its first scientific data and confirming its successful operation. FIDEOS is operating on the ESO 1-metre telescope at La Silla in Chile.
In this project, BlueShadows provided the control software of the instrument.

ESO50cm telescope at Santa Martina Observatory

The main telescope of the UC Observatory Santa Martina is a 50cm optical telescope donated by ESO to Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. During the past years the telescope has been refurbished and used as the main facility for testing and validating new instruments under construction by the center of Astro-Engineering UC. As part of this work, the need to develop a more efficient and flexible control system arises. BlueShadows was requsted to provide a new telecope control software (TCS).

Irrigation Delivery and
Water Gate Automatic Control

In a partnership with MetricPro Spa, BlueShadows has developed a platform to control water gates remotely. This was a challenging project which includes actuators, sensors, micro-controllers, GPRS/3G communication and the most important part, the centralized platform running at Windows Azure. More than 40 units have been deployed since 2016, and more are coming.

Telefonica I+D Chile: IoT challenge

BlueShadows was one of two winners of the IoT challenge proposed by Telefonica I+D Chile. In this project BlueShadows will provide remote sensing of soil moisture and weather conditions. This project is based on LoRa technology, which will reduce dramatically the OPEX of the final platform.

Academic Radio Interferometer

The Academic Radio Interferometer (ARI) is developed together with the Escuela de Astrofísica de la Universidad Católica de Chile and BlueShadows. ARI is an implementation of a 2-elements radio interferometer using two units of STR (Small Radio Telescope) designed by the Haystack Observatory. Signal Hound spectrum analyser and ROACH are integrated into ARI as the backend of the system and allow the spectral analysis of the signals captured by the interferometer. The control integration of the ARI components is done using the ICE software framework for Remote Process Call, that allows for the interaction and coordination of independent modules of Hardware and Software. The local control of the radio telescopes is done through controllers implemented over Raspberry Pi platform. ARI is aimed for academic purposes, allowing the execution of experiments for learning the fundamentals of RadioAstronomy.

Rail Asset Tracking using RFID

BlueShadows implemented an assest tracking system based on RFID for the Ferrocarril de Antofagasta (FCAB) company. RFID tags were installed in train wagons and readers were installed at strategical locations. The platofrm allows FCAB to trace and validate the available resource in the existent ERP.